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Chudo Australia has been established for providing quality education based on Japanese tradition and wisdom. We welcome all types of students from all corners of the world. We are here to help you learn through our innovative and transformative approach to teaching. Chudo Australia is here to help you grow and succeed.


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Chudo Australia assists students to find their better way of living through our unique education. Yoshie, the principal is talented and experienced in all areas of our teaching. Chudo Australia offers the tools and support necessary for our students to reach their full potential.

Japanese Calligraphy Shodo

There are 2 types of Japanese calligraphy. Shuji is for Japanese native speakers, while anyone can enjoy Shodo, the art with black and white with a brush and ink.

For beginners, please visit here to learn Shodo. If you have done Shodo before, why don't you join my Meetup group?

Traditional Japanese Medicine

We are an approved training provider by IICT for complementary therapies. That means that upon completion, you can apply for the membership of IICT and professional insurance.  

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International Institute of Complementary Therapists Approved Training Provider


Hands-on Workshops

We offer a wide variety of educational services to all of our students, no matter what their skill level may be. From Japanese Massage Certification Course to Japanese Needle Therapy, we’ve got you covered. We understand that each student has a different style of learning, and we aim to accommodate all of our students. Take a look at all of our service offerings below.

Japanese Needle Therapy 2Day Certification Course

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Japanese Massage 2Day Certification Course

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Swedish Massage

Course Dates

Japanese Needle Therapy

In Melbourne
In Japan

Japanese Massage 

In Melbourne

In New Zealand

In Japan

Monthly weekend course

Sat: 9am - 4pm

Sun: 9am - 4pm

Request may be accepted

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