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Japanese Massage 2Day Certification Course

What is Japanese Massage?

Japanese Massage is called "Anma" relaxation massage in Japanese with thumb pressure and kneading techniques. This is similar to Chinese Anmo Tuina and Shiatsu, but the details are different; for example, practiced on a massage table or a massage chair, more hands and thumbs are used rather than elbows. To accommodate with Australian society, this Japanese Massage can be provided with quality Japan-produced Tsubaki (Camellia) oil, but normally is applied on a client with clothe-on.


We will teach rhythmic techniques following meridians, which are energy channels covering whole body.  

Who should learn this course?

This 2 day certification course of Japanese Massage is aimed to assist people to reduce stress from every day life and can be used as an introductory course for students who have not experienced to give massage to other people. On the other hand, this course content is based on Yoshie, the trainer’s 20 years of experience and that's why, any experienced massage practitioners will gain new knowledge and techniques.


Super small class up to 4 students at a class


Because a class only accepts 4 students, you can learn Japanese Massage until you get ready to provide it to other people with confidence and professionally in just 2 days.

In case you are not enough confident (even if competent), you can request follow-up training session/s after consultation with Yoshie, the instructor.

Also, Chudo will offer internship training for graduates who have suitable visa for work.

Course Program:

Day 1


  1. Differing Japanese massage among other massage therapies and shiatsu

  2. Conditions that relaxation massage will be beneficial

  3. Contraindications of massage practice

  4. Communication with clients (Psychology)

  5. Anatomy and body system for relaxation massage practitioners


  1. Set up of a massage table and draping

  2. How to assess the individual/client

  3. Body mechanics for massage therapists to avoid occupational injuries and disorders

  4. Preparing warm hands


  1. Strokes to be applied

  2. Overall procedures/sequences of a massage session

Face down- prone position

  1. Back, shoulders, arms, hands, neck and head

  2. Back, lower back and buttocks

  3. Buttocks to legs (thighs, knees and calf areas)
  4. Quick reflexology (back of foot)

Face up- supine position

  1. Legs; thighs, knees, front of legs and back of foot

  2. Upper collar bones area and stomach/abdominal area

  3. Shoulders, arms and hands

  4. Quick reflexology (palms)

  5. Neck, head(scalp) and facial massage

Q & As, Quiz

Day 2

Review Day 1


Full session hands-on training


Becoming a professional massage therapist (laws and ethics)


Massage business and PI insurance


Competency assessment: providing a whole body massage (strokes and points)

Presentation of Certificate

Tuition fee:

$710 (incl. GST)

Terms & Conditions:

Refund policy:

Course fees are non-refundable unless written cancellation notice is received 14 days prior to course commencement.

 Please note deposit ($100) is required to secure your place and this is non-refundable.

A refund of 80% of course fees will be given if an enrolment is cancelled more than 14 days prior to commencement of the course.

No refund of fees will be given if an enrolment is cancelled within 14 days of course commencement.

If the course is cancelled due to unforeseen circumstances, a full refund will apply.



A happier medium Pty Limited is committed to your complaints and appeals being resolved fairly and efficiently. All grievances will be treated seriously and sensitively, with due regard to procedural fairness and complainant privacy, and at minimal or no cost.

However, we, A happier medium Pty Limited do not have liability to you or any other attendees for:

  • Any medical issue, Injuries, health complaints incurred during both theoretical and practical training sessions.


  • Any medical issue, Injuries, health complaints incurred either by the model or massage recipient and or you incur during both theoretical and practical training during sessions.

Enquiry and Enrolment:

Please feel free to contact Yoshie 0413 911 142 or email

Japanese Massage 2Day Certification Course: News & Updates
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